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Education Quotations Links Sound Bites Contact is the newest service from Jeff Darrohn. Compositions and Arrangements are written at three different levels-beginner/young band, middle/intermediate and high school/college/festival levels. The same piece of music finally available at different levels of ability.

You can also commission Jeff to write for your ensemble. All charts are written towards the level of your ensemble-"taylor-made" for your group. This includes as many re-writes as necessary so you are more than satisfied.

Jeff was the Director of Bands at St. David School in Willow Grove, PA for seventeen years. In competitions the St. David Concert Bands never scored less than Gold Medal Status and consistently placed 1st or 2nd everytime. The same attention to detail goes into a MisterDPublication piece.

Jeff has written for professional ensembles, universities, colleges, high school, middle school and elementary schools. The music has consisted of jazz ensembles, concert bands, orchestras and small ensembles.

Clients include: Towson State University, Peabody School of Music, LaSalle College High School, Pennfield Middle School, Ewing Township Middle School, St. Helena School and Archdiocesan Elementary Jazz Band.

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