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Jeff is definitely a man after my heart. It's great to know that someone else loves to write for six saxophones. There is so much color to be had, and Jeff manages to get every ounce of from his section. I discovered a long time ago how much fun it is to have two altos, two tenors, and two baritones. Add an occasional soprano on top and you have a wonderful dessert.
BOB FLORENCE, Composer, Two Time Grammy Award Winner, Big Band Leader of the Limited Edition, Summit Records Recording Artist

I think that Jeff is not only a virtuoso saxophonist, he's one of the most exciting composers and arrangers around today.
TED GASCOIGNE, Big Band World columnist

It was one of the most excellent band debuts it's been our pleasure to witness in quite a few years-we'll definitely be inviting SAXON to return. The evocative West Coast Sound conjured up by the various permutations of saxes and flutes, and the beautifully judged vocals, enthused absolutely everyone present-a rare enough occurance in itself! Something Unique and Rather Special.
STEVE HARRIS and IAN FIELDING, Promoters of Jazz @ the Manor

The CD sounds great and playing all those parts, wow-you sound great!
PETE BARENBREGGE, Editor, Jazz Products at Alfred Music Publishing/Belwin Jazz, former saxophonist with the USAF Jazz Band-The Airmen of Note

I've had the pleasure of playing some great charts written by Jeff Darrohn. Wonderfully developed ideas, well voiced and idiomatically written. Challenging and yet fun to play...what more could you ask for???
BRIAN PASTOR, Principal Trombone with the Peter Nero and the Philly Pops and Musical Director of The Brian Pastor Big Band.

Jeff's "Bopsanova" provided a well-needed contrast to the Pennfield Middle School Jazz Band repertoire. Jeff managed to personalize the chart to the needs of my group. The students enjoyed Jeff's original composition and were particularly pleased to have Jeff join them in the premiere of "Bopsanova" in January 2006 at the IAJE Conference in New York. Thanks Jeff!!!
DAVE OREHOWSKY, Director of Bands, Pennfield Middle School, North Penn School District, Pennsylvania.

T-Bird '60 grooves at 140km. It is a wonderful CD.
PAUL PEIROLO, Lead Saxophone with the Compaq Big Band.

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